smart extended warranty FAQs

    If you have any questions about the smart extended warranty this page should be your first port of call. We have tried to address all the questions we have been asked regularly.

    If you can’t find the answer to your question here please get in contact via the contact form on our contact page.


    Also known as mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI), an extended warranty provides cover against unexpected mechanical failure. Essentially, an extended car warranty helps ensure that, should something go wrong with your vehicle, you won’t be hit by costly repairs.

    Typically, all new cars come with a manufacturer warranty, Terms vary but you can expect all car warranties to have an expiration date and a mileage limit. All new generation smarts registered from 1 January 2015 are covered by a 3-year smart car manufacturer warranty, without mileage limitations. Once your manufacturer’s warranty comes to an end, you can purchase a smart extended warranty to help make sure you stay protected.

    All new smart cars are sold with a 3-year manufacturer warranty, so if your smart was purchased new you should be covered up to 3 years from the date of purchase.

    Approved Used smart cars come with a minimum of 12 months warranty cover. 

    Warranties are subject to terms and conditions, so if you aren’t sure if your smart is covered, or when your warranty is due to expire, get in touch with your local smart Retailer. 

    Yes, if you’re extending your manufacturer’s warranty or renewing your existing smart extended warranty you can opt to pay on an ongoing monthly ‘pay as you go’ basis that can be cancelled at any time. If your policy has lapsed the pay as you go option is no longer available to you.

    If you choose to pay on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, your policy will renew for an additional month each time we receive a monthly payment from you. The cost of your new pay as you go policy will not be the pro rata cost of an annual policy, instead a surcharge monthly renewal price will be applicable.

    Wear and tear is damage that naturally occurs as the result of normal wear or aging over an extended period. Typically, warranties tend to stipulate that damage from wear and tear isn’t covered, otherwise all cars would qualify for a payment eventually because all parts wear out naturally over time.

    If you require assistance you’ll need to contact or visit your nearest authorised retailer. To locate your nearest smart retailer you can consult the smart retailer locator on our smart UK website. Opening hours vary but most retailers are open on Saturday and Sunday.

    A policy that has been cancelled due to lack of payment of the premiums, or a non-renewal of a policy for any reason.


    smart extended warranty protects against mechanical and electrical breakdown for a wide range of specified components, but not all components. 

    Please note: If you have purchased a smart extended warranty policy before 21st February 2019, the product and its terms, conditions and exclusions may differ from the description above. Please contact us on 0345 641 9757 for more information. Lines are open between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturday (excluding public holidays).

    smart extended warranty provides cover for a wide range of factory-fitted mechanical or electrical components but doesn't cover all parts and systems, including failure of covered parts due to wear and tear.

    • Bodywork
    • Bodyseals (including convertible roof, boot, sunroof, doors, etc.)
    • Fixings and fastenings: nuts/bolts/brackets/studs/clips and springs (other than suspension springs)
    • Glass
    • Interior/ exterior trim
    • Interior panels
    • Paint
    • Lamp units and wheels
    • Any failure attributable to the effects of overheating is not regarded as mechanical failure and is not covered.
    For a complete breakdown of what is and isn't covered take a look at our Policy Handbook.
    Please note: If you have purchased a smart extended warranty policy before 21st February 2019, the product and its terms, conditions and exclusions may differ from the description above. Please contact us on 0345 641 9757 for more information. Lines are open between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturday (excluding public holidays).

    Cosmetic damage, including dents, scratches and any other damage to your smart’s bodywork, is not considered an electrical or mechanical failure and therefore won’t be covered by any of our extended warranty products.

    This also applies to the following items: sheet metal, body panels, bodywork or glass sealants or bondings, paintwork, glass and mirrors (except in the case where they suffer a mechanical or electrical failure), upholstery, carpets, trim, all weather strips and seals, channels and guides, locks, lamp units, handles, door panels and check straps.

    No, our smart extended warranty does not offer replacement vehicle cover. 

    Yes. A smart extended warranty covers diagnostic costs if a problem is found with a component that’s covered under the policy.

    Typically, consumable ‘wear and tear’ items aren’t covered by the smart extended warranty. These include tyres, spark plugs, wiper blades, wheels, air cleaners, oil filters and gaskets and other replacement items that are subject to routine maintenance or periodic repair.

    You can find a complete list of all such items in the policy handbook.

    In most cases general oil leak repairs aren’t covered by our smart extended warranty. There are exceptions however – if the removal of the engine or gearbox is necessary in order to rectify the oil leak, for instance.

    While most common repairs are covered by our smart extended warranty, some aren’t. Take a look at our Policy Handbook for a detailed breakdown of each policy.

    If you're out of the country, within Continental Europe, it's your responsibility to oversee any repairs that need doing locally and settle the costs with the repairing agent, but you have to notify your smart Warranty Services team prior to completion of any warranty repairs. 

    Be sure to retain the invoice and any additional documents. Then, when you get back to the UK you should send us the original invoice and copies of the insured vehicle’s service records using the following address:

    smart Warranty Services Claims, PO Box 1183, Croydon CR9 1HR.

    Please retain a copy of the repair invoice and the original service records for your own record as we will be unable to return these to you. Your claim will be processed and reimbursed to you in pounds sterling at the rate of exchange for the relevant currency at the time of the repair, providing that your claim is valid. 


    Yes, we’ll send you a renewal notice at least 21 days prior to the expiry date of the period of insurance, so you should have plenty of time to arrange renewal.

    When you renew it’s possible that the terms of your cover will be different, so it’s a good idea to check the new policy carefully to ensure you approve any changes or variations.

    A form can be found at the back of your policy handbook that must be filled in and sent to us using the address below smart Warranty Services, PO Box 1183, Croydon CR9 1HR.
    The form must be signed by the existing policyholder, as named in the confirmation of cover letter/email.
    A £25 registration fee must be paid. This is important – until the fee is paid your cover can’t be transferred. Please enclose a a cheque for £25 along with your Transfer of Ownership form. Cheques are payable to smart Warranty Services.

    To ensure the new owner enjoys the benefits of smart extended warranty cover without delay please post the Transfer of Ownership form and accompanying registration fee cheque to us as soon as possible after the date of sale.


    In the UK all repairs must be completed by an authorised Repairer. All repairs and costs are the responsibility of the policyholder while in countries outside the UK. If you don’t follow the correct claims procedure there’s a chance that your claim will be invalidated.

    You can find your nearest smart retailer quickly and easily using our smart retailer locator. Give them a ring and they’ll get in touch with us to progress your claim and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

    The maximum amount our extended warranty pays out is the current market value of the insured vehicle. The maximum total claim value applies to a 12-month period, be that one 12-month annual policy or 12 consecutive monthly policies (pay as you go).


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