Jargon Buster.

    To help you make sense of any extended warranty phrases, we have compiled a handy jargon buster.

    Extended Warranty Features Explained

    Approved Repairers

    A repair garage authorised to carry out repairs covered by smart extended warranty.

    Approved Used Car

    A used car sold by a dealership that’s been authorised to be the official reseller of a particular brand. In the case of smart, they’re called authorised Retailers who ensure the cars they sell meet the stringent smart Approved Used Car programme standards and that post-sale services are carried out by smart trained technicians using smart Genuine Parts.


    A claim is a request for payment towards a covered component and the labour to complete the repair.

    Claim Limit

    The maximum benefit is the market value of the insured vehicle at the point of claim. This is payable in each 12 month period or 12 consecutive monthly policies.


    An exclusion is something that is not covered under a policy. It is important to read through your extended warranty handbook so you know exactly what is covered and what is excluded.

    Flexible Payments

    Purchase annually in 12 months, 24 months of monthly (pay as you go).

    Labour Costs

    The cost of the labour required to repair your vehicle, essentially how much it costs the repairing retailer to carry out the necessary repairs.

    Lapsed Policy

    A policy that has been cancelled due to lack of payment of the premiums, or a non-renewal of a policy for any reason.

    Manufacturer Warranty

    Most brand new cars come with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty included in the price.


    The number of miles your vehicle has covered, as shown on your car’s odometer.

    Per Annum

    Per year.

    Policy Term

    The length of time that a car warranty is valid for. Depending on your policy, this is usually either 24 or 12 months from when your cover starts.


    The price of warranty cover offered to you based on the information you provide about you and your car.

    Renewal Notice

    Between three and four weeks before your existing warranty runs out you should receive a renewal notice to alert you to the date your cover ends. This gives you time to change or renew your warranty or look at alternative options.

    Upfront Payments

    Unlike other providers, smart cover pays costs upfront so you’re never out of pocket (unless you have a claim outside of the UK, in Continental Europe).


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